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Feb 6, 2013 11:00am PST
sochi, russia. vonn will head home for surgery next week after tearing two ligaments in her right knee, then breaking a bone in her lower leg in yesterday's crash at the world championships. she was helicoptered out, as you can see, then taken to a local hospital. vonn is the most successful american skier in history. and her coach says he expects vonn to return in time for those winter games. >> lindsey will be able to get through this thing. she was back at the hotel after the accident. she was in good spirits plotting her rehab and her next steps people confident we'll see lindsey vonn in sochi next year. >>> this is a crazy stat. vonn has been injured in every championship event, olympics and world championships since 2007. >>> and of course keep in mind bay area is your home for the winter games. we'll keep you posted on all the local athletes and all the events going on at the sochi games in one year. >> what would our newscast be without some talk of the 49ers. just a few days after a heartbreaking super bowl loss, jim harbaugh takes to the field once again. >> but this tim
Feb 15, 2013 11:00am PST
happened in russia, you didn't need a telescope, just a pair of eyeballs and the ability to look up. it was hard to miss this fireball streaking across the early morning sky over the ural mountains in russia. this is east of moscow. various video cam remarks some cell, some mounted dash cams captured this brilliant streak of bright light as it left a long plume of smoke in its wake. scientists estimate this weighed ten tons and was traveling at a wicked 33,000 miles an hour, so large, so fast, it created a shock wave as it flew overhead that blew out windows, even collapsed part of a factory roof. almost 1,000 people were injured, mostly by flying glass. >> very likely it would have been a larger lump of rock that broke up in the earth's atmosphere. the rock comes in from space, hits the earth's atmosphere, that decelerates it, puts stress on it and it's likely to fragment into lots of pieces. i think that's what happened. >> scientists believe that russian meteorite exploded into smaller pieces before hitting the ground. there's also an asteroid out there, not going to hit us, just giv
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2